he jumped the gun…

Simon sayyyyyyys, touch your nose!

Simon sayyyyyyys, clap your hands!

Simon sayyyyyyys, jump up and down!

Talk like a monkey!


… oooh-oooh-oooh-AHH-AHH-crap.  I lost, didn’t I?  She’s good.

he wants it…


The Nerf NStrike Elite HailFire Blaster Sonic Ice Serieeeeeees.

It’s even more glorious than I imagined.

And it’s about to be alllllll mine.

Wait – is that the last one?!


… um, yeah — if you think you’re walking away with that, you’re crazy.

Don’t make me get all Bruce Lee on you, now.  Thaaat’s it, hand it over.  Good boy.

he read the box…

Hey — wanna see somethin’ cool?

Like, REALLY  cool?

No, like, REALLY-REALLY cool?

Alright, ready?


Wait for iiiiiiit …



… aaaaaaare the Lucky Charms floating into my mouth yet?  

No?  “Magically delicious” my butt!

he memes on mondays…


he doesn’t listen…

I dunno if you can really WIN an Easter-egg hunt.

But I’m pretty sure I just won the crap outta this one.

I mean, look …

Team Bubba Blue’s about to collect all his loot …

And them other fools are still out there searchin’ for egg number two!

Do I get a prize or anything for being so awesome?

… say-what now?


… whattaya mean I’m YELLOW?!?  “Bubba Yellow” has absolutely ZERO ring to it.  

Shame on your planning, man.  Shame, shame.

he’s still got it…

The last time I wore these, it was for an April Fools gag.

Ha!  Yeah … that was pretty funny.

And don’t worry … I’m not trying to pull something like that again.

But one thing definitely hasn’t changed …

These things are STILL super-embarrassing.


… well, super-embarrassing for ME at least.

Mo’s more in tune with her inner bunny … does that mean I can give her my carrots?

he plans…

Some kids play with crayons.

Others pick colored pencils.

Some even dive into markers and paints.

But me?


… I got blueprints!

I mean, I’m the only boy in a house full’a women.  I get a big ol’ room to myself, right?


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