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he’s ready for it…

This is crazy.  It’s almost September.

That means summer has basically already come and gone.

Yeah, this is definitely crazy.

But wait.  That also means … it’s almost …


… fooooootbaaaaaaall tiiiiiiime!


We haven’t thrown it back on a Thursday in quite some time.  Have fun with those baby blues!


he could sell that…

Dude, check it out!

When I hold my bow like this, doesn’t the guitar on my shirt kinda look like an arrow?

Duuuuuuude …


… it’s a GUITARROW.

he’s upset…

That. is. IT.

Hold it right there, mister!

I can’t remember why I’m mad right nowww, but …


… I’m just gonna throw my hands on my hips and I’m sure it’ll come to me soon.

You just stand there and keep feeling guilty until then.  Thanks.

he memes on mondays…


he’s not sorry…

Oh, no!

Somebody drank up all the milk and put the carton back in the fridge.  Empty.

Who would DO such a thing?!

Oh, that’s right …


… it was ME!  Mua-ha-ha-ha-HAAAAAAA!

he’s distracted…

I, um.

Have something, um.

Important to, um.

Tell you.

Just let me, um …


… finish this chocolate first.  Ummmmmmm.  Mmm.

he strikes a bargain…

If you want me to pick up my AND Mo’s toys, it’s gonna cost youuuuuu …

Seven horsey-back rides.

An extra hour before bedtime.

At least two extra desserts.  Maybe three.

Annnnnnnd complete control of the iPad for an entire week.

Yeah, that doesn’t sound like a completely unreasonable trade at all …


… shake on it?


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