he’s soft and gooey…

Holy hippity-hoppity, Batman … Easter’s like, really soon.

I still gotta go dye some eggies.

And I gotta pick out some killer threads for Sunday.  Bow-tie, maybe?

And I gotta eat some chocolate and some jellybeans.  You know, just to prepare.

And I gotta practice lookin’ for stuff.  Nothing in particular.  Just stuff.

And hmm … I feel like I’m missing something here.

Besides Jesus, of course.  Because, well, duh.

Ooh!  I got it … 




he memes on mondays…

Sorry to any FaceBaby fanatics who don’t watch Game of Thrones.

Well, not really … YOU should be the ones apologizing for not watching it.

But yeah, the last couple of memes have been GOT-based … so sorry if you don’t get ‘em.

And a fair warning that future ones may be as well.  Definitely will be.  Definitely maybe.

Sooooooo perhaps just start watching if you don’t already?

Okay.  Happy Monday.  Bye.



he wants out…

What’s that … ?

Oh gosh …

Can’t. breathe.

Mo, you can NOT be serious right now … 


… the dude said SAY cheese … not to cut it!

I’m gonna need at least a minute before any more smiling goes on around here.

he doesn’t like it…


Man-oh-man, today totally wiped. me. out.

Monkey bars, dump trucks, and finger-painting? … talk about a long day!

Time to reel it on in, and hunker on down …

Uh-oh …


… did I forget to wash my thumb?!

he didn’t see that coming…

Why yes, I’d love an Oreo … thank you!

[nom nom nom]

Wait …


… is that … COOKIE DOUGH?!

Has, uhh, Auntie Jess made these into Oreo balls yet?  I might just die if she does.

he’s spot-on…

What’d the fire truck say to the tow truck?





What?  That’s what firetrucks always say!

he memes on mondays…


your move.


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