he has company…


Auntie Jess is having a baaaaaaaby!  Yayyyyyyy!

Another cool little dude (is it a dude?  I hope it’s a dude) to hang out with.  Woohoo!

I bet he’s gonna be SO super-cool.  And funny.  And okay, fine … a “she” would be awesome, too.  

And with the killer pics she takes?  Pshh.  That kid’s gonna be WAY too many kinds of adorable.

Waiiiiiiit a second…


… she’s growing her OWN FaceBaby.  How did I not see this before?!  I must put a stop to this!

Or maybe I’ll luck out and she’ll have a monkey instead.  Ooh!  Or a giraffe!

Yeah, a giraffe.

he expected the same…

Not a bad week, I must say.

And the best part?  It’s already the end of it!

Time for some fun in the sun and some good ol’ fashioned hangin’ out.

Yeah, baby.  Let’s get our holiday on!

Umm … what?


… whattaya mean it’s not a three-day weekend??!

he wants a piece…

Alright, Djokovic …

You may be the best tennis player on the planet.

And you may’ve just won the most prestigious tournament there is.

But you’ve had an entire day to rest and recover.

So, whattaya say …


… are ya ready to get schooled in some ping-pong?

Don’t mind the old-man sweater.  I promise I’m athletic.

he’s sensitive…

Summertime is the best.

I get to run around outside all day.

I get to be nakey-butt half the time and it’s considered acceptable.

And even when I’m not allowed to do that, I get to be half-nakey ’cause I’m a dude.

I get to play in the pool all the time.

And then even when there’s not a pool around, I still get to play in the water.

Ahhhhhhhh, life doesn’t get much more perfect than th-



he memes on mondays…


Juice boxes and crackers all around!

he’s a yank…

What’s the coolest country on the planet?

I’d hafta say Garth Brooks.  He’s the coolest kinda country there is.

Country time lemonade is pretty darn tasty, too.  But yeah, Garth Brooks for sure.

…no?  …oh, what’s the coolest NATION on the planet? 

That would be Steelers Nation.  Like, duh.

Ohhhhhhh, you mean what’s the coolest sovereign governmental entity on the planet?




Happy Independence Day, all!

he’s lovable…


Isn’t this FUN?!


Like, SO much fun!

Aw, come on … don’t let that look fool you …


… she’s having just as much fun as I am, she’s just being shy.  aaaaaaand she has gas.


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