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he’s electric… (boogie woogie woogie)

Go ahead, sing to yourself for a second. I’ll meet you back here when you’re done.

Feel free to dance a little, too. It’s Friday!

Bubba’s first experience with static electricity was clearly a success. Playing pat-a-cake was a bit dangerous, though.

Oh, and speaking of “firsts” – Bubba had his first full-fledged experience with sand yesterday. Needless to say, he was quite perplexed as to why the stuff got EVERYWHERE with every little move he made. He was also surprised that it didn’t taste better. Not sure what he was expecting. A giant pile of cinnamon-sugar, maybe?

He was a little more fond of the salt water. A little TOO fond if you ask me. Holding him in the ocean was like trying to hold a duck while he, well, “ducked” for his lunch in the water.

Is that why they’re called ducks?! I NEVER knew that. Just Googled it, yep, ducks are ducks because they dive (duck) for their food in the water. Would you look at that – TheFaceBaby blog is an educational platform after all!

he’s got a sweet side, too…

I dare you.

I dare you to think for just one second that this Teddy Bear is cuter than Bubba.

Go ahead, I dare you. Because if you do, deep down you’ll know you’re lying.

Lying is bad.

And see, not ALL of Bubba’s faces are crazy.

But then again, I guess it’s crazy how big and blue those sweet little eyes are.

Okay – all of Bubba’s faces are crazy.

he’s quite the critic…


She did NOT seriously try to pull off that suit with those thighs.

Oh no, she did.

Beware when sunbathing in the presence of Bubba, he wears his opinion right on his face.

he’s over this storm…

Here is Bubba’s attempt at scaring away Debby.

And that’s tropical storm Debby. Not Little Debbie. He rather enjoys that Debbie.

So at first Bubba’s all like “RAWWWWR get outta muh FACE, Debby!”

But then she must’ve picked up the wind and rain, because this face has lost all of its gusto.

“[wimper] Could you please go bother someone else, Debby?”

he’s on vacation…

and I am, too!

Yes. We are occupying the same physical space for the first time in 6 months. Despite this whole tropical storm thing, I am one happy uncle!

Holy sha-moley is Bubba getting big (everyone says that about their babies, I know. And whatever, he is!)

And holy sha-moley I almost forgot how funny the live version of Bubba is.


So this is how Bubba is accustomed to seeing me:

He sort of gets it, but he IS a baby after all. So you know, he tries to grab us through the screen, he looks behind the laptop lid to find out where the heck his Auntie C and I are hiding, he sits there in utter confusion when we are nowhere to be found.

One of these days we should record one of our iChats and play some virtual peek-a-boo with Bubba. Replay the video and just sit behind the screen, ready to pop out when he comes a’searching. Oh yeah, that’ll really freak him out. That’s it, we’re doing it!

he’s (only sort of) enjoying himself…

And the winner is…

What do you mean I have to wait 45 minutes before having someone HOLD ME IN A POOL?

Boy oh boy oh boy, this was one tough decision! Every single submission made me giggle. Some more than others, sure, but I even had a tough time narrowing it down to the top 3, let alone picking a winner. On a related note, I found out that I should never pursue a career as a judge. Everyone would tie, and everyone would hate me for it. I would even hate me for it. Ties are the worst.

But hey, thanks to everyone for the super silly captions, and congrats to our first “FaceBaby said what?!” Champ, Bev Weidner! Woohoo! Everyone say “Yayyy, Bev!”

“Yayyy, Bev!”

Aww, man! Now I feel kind of bad, like I should have something for you, Bev. When your team wins a tournament there’s always a t-shirt, right. So where are the t-shirts? Sorry we don’t have t-shirts (yet!). If we ever come out with a FaceBaby t-shirt I’ll owe you one. Deal?

Okay, I hear ya, “enough rambling Mister uncle-no-one-cares-about, on with the pictures!” I couldn’t have put it better myself.

Many of you are fans of this pretty lady, so you might have already stumbled upon this gem…

Still, who in the world would mind seeing this more than once?!

And, in case you couldn’t tell exactly how much fun Bubba had that day, have another look!

Oh, and then Mo joined in on the fun. She’s got a pretty rad face on her, too. FaceToddler, anyone? Okay-okay, we’ll stick to our original platform …for now.

Still splashing away, and that face just keeps. getting. better.

OH and look! That’s FaceBaby’s Daddy working in the background. Which reminds me, I thought you… wait, what’s that Bubba?

“Woah now, take ‘er easy there, fella… quit while yer ahead!”

…he’s the boss!

his puppy couldn’t care less…

Reese! — Reese, look! — Get up, Reese!

No, she’s not dead. She’s just a little bit fat and a lotta bit lazy.

Alright, some say lazy – some say laid back. Potayto – Potahto.

Regardless of her activity level, Bubba’s puppygirl is one GORGEOUS chocolate lab. Perhaps you’ll have the pleasure of seeing more than her lifeless hiney in a future post. For now, I won’t be offended if you don’t believe me.

So anywho – back to Bubba… thoughts on what he might be reacting to here?? I’d guess Mama just made a giant chocolate sundae, either that or the “Mail Time” alarm just went off on Blue’s Clues.

Yeah, I just went there. And you’re glad I did, too.


Today’s the last day to submit a caption for the first installation of “FaceBaby said what?!”.  Our champ will be announced in tomorrow’s post!