he is… TheFaceBaby


…someone forgot to tell Bubba that deer don’t make dinosaur noises.

Okay – we told him, he just did what he wanted anyway.

So I guess that leads us to a perfect spot for a cheesy introduction. Hi there, and welcome to our very first post!   …mission “cheese ball” accomplished.

Many of you have seen our little FaceBaby before, thanks in large part to our super cool friend Jess, whose faithful How Sweet followers have given us a firm nudge into the blogging deep end.  Thank goodness for floaties.

For those of you just stumbling upon TheFaceBaby, prepare for daily ridiculousness.

See that face up there? He didn’t garner the title “face baby” for nothing. He doesn’t just happen upon a goofy face every now and then. He busts them out all. the. time.

Still skeptical? Fine, here’s a first-post freebie…

But don’t get used to the special treatment. From now on you’ll get one picture a day and like it.

Oh and hey, since it’s our first post and all, you should probably learn a little more about Bubba before you go.

Happy Father’s Day!


About Ross | TheFaceBaby

I'm the lucky uncle of an incredibly funny little dude ... the FaceBaby!

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  1. LOVE facebaby!

  2. Im gonna be the first here to say this is what Ellen Dengeneres is ALL ABOUT! Can wait for this to go viral. A future spot on her show is in this babies future for sure! Love FaceBaby!

  3. avid How Sweet It Is reader…now an avid FaceBaby reader…looking forward to the laughs! Although, pretty sure you will not be the favorite uncle come the teenage years and these pics are still circulating 🙂

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