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he totally enjoys your cooking…

Ohhhhh noooo, this chicken isn’t dry AT ALL.
[chomp] Yeah, it’s [chomp chomp] perfect!

What’s that? Do I want some [chomp] barbecue sauce? Well okay [chomp] I guess I’ll take some if you [chomp chomp] insist – but it’s seriously [chomp] the most delicious [chomp chomp] thing I’ve ever tasted.

This here [chomp]… this is chicken, right? Oh nice, yeah that’s what I thought. Really [chomp] it’s… it’s really good.

Hey can I get some more milk, please?


FaceBaby said what?!

he’s hypnotizing…

I could have a FIELD DAY with this face. It almost kills me not to write a full post today.

…almost.Lucky for me, Bubba’s fans are pretty dang funny. Yes, that’s you! Go ahead, feel proud – you’re funny.

Then again, if you haven’t participated in one of our “FaceBaby said what?!” competitions – don’tcha go feeling all proud just yet. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure you’re plenty hilarious – I just haven’t seen it.

Lucky for you, it’s “FaceBaby said what?!” time. Here it is:  Show me the funny!

he’s working for the weekend…

It’s Friday?!

…OH. EM. GEE. It is!


Whew! Kinda felt like a Thursday for a second there. But no – it’s definitely Friday.

Yeah you uh, you probably shouldn’t’ve told Bubba that. Just look at that reaction – he ain’t gettin’ NOTHIN’ done today. And lucky for him, he’s too young to know anything about double negatives. Might as well just pack it in and call it a week at this point.


Hey hey! Congrats to our newest “FaceBaby said what?!” champ, Breann!

Bubba officially said:  What do you mean she was planned but I was a happy ‘accident’?!

I owe you an imaginary T-shirt, Breann! But not one that’s the absolute wrong size (don’t all free T-shirts seem to be like that?? They’re either way too big or way too small). So yeah – since it’s imaginary and all, go ahead and pretend it fits just right. It’s super soft and comfy, too. In fact, it’s your new favorite T-shirt. Be careful not to shrink it in the dryer – you’ll be OH SO upset!

And kudos to all of our entrants this week, you’re all too silly! Play again next week for another chance to win the heavenly soft and comfortable T-shirt of your dreams!

he’s delightfully modest…

Wait, who did you say was cute?  …ohhhhh ME?!

No-ho-ho-ho-ho, couldn’t be me!

…could it? Come on!

No, YOU are.

Really, you think I am?

Noooooo, YOU!


Not me!

You-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo are, seriously!

Okay fine, we both are.


Last day to try and earn an imaginary T-shirt this week!

he likes cupcakes…

Okay, perhaps that’s a bit of a “DUH” statement. Next I’ll be telling you “he likes to inhale oxygen…” or “he makes funny faces…”

Like, UH-DERR.

But seriously, dude likes cupcakes. So much so that he clearly lost track of where the frosting ends and his extremities begin. Had a couple more of his teeth broken through at this point, he might be down a digit or two. Although if that were the case, Bubba’s great-grandfather wouldn’t have minded; he’s always wanted another lefty in the family anyway.


“FaceBaby said what?!”

he has quite the imagination…

Yahooooo! Skydiving is SO awesome! So fast, so free, so… UH-OH.

My chute didn’t open. GAHHHHH! I – I – I pulled the cord and… holy CRAP I’m gonna die before I get a chance to meet Elmo.

Oh thank heavens, Bubba’s safe and sound on his fishy blanket. But seriously, whatever craziness just happened inside his head would’ve made for one killer episode of Rugrats.

And we all know Tommy Pickles saved the day with that screwdriver he’s got tucked away inside his diaper. That kid was the MacGyver of cartoon babies. He might’ve looked like an awkward baby ostrich, but he sure was smart.

This week’s “FaceBaby said what?!” is well underway. Check yesterday’s post to join the fun!

he’s under attack…

Or is he?  You tell us, with another round of “FaceBaby said what?!”

If you’re a FaceBaby newbie, see how to play along for a chance to win an imaginary T-shirt. Better bring your A-game, though – Bubba’s fans are perty. dern. herlereeyus!