he’s emotional…

But, uh, which emotion is it?
Give us a clue, Bubba! Are you laughing? …crying?

Are you super excited because you just remembered you have fingers and they can do SO MANY cool things?

Or maybe you’re panicking because you think your hand is forever stuck in that crooked claw position?

…Perhaps you think your face is stuck, too?

Are you trying to intimidate your imaginary friend as you snarl and challenge him to a thumb war?

Are you shivering because you’re sitting under the AC vent in that muscle shirt? (oh and dude, those biceps are coming in great… adding that weighted lid to your sippy was a killer idea, for reals!)

Are you cringing in disgust because Mo dared you to eat a soggy dog biscuit, and you actually did it? Hope THAT was worth it. You only live once, I guess.

Are you satirically mocking your favorite politicians as you debate “Why I should get more dessert” with Mama?

What’s that, nephew? OH! you were simply in mid-sneeze? Yikes, sorry about all the unnecessary speculation then.

…and God bless you!


Are you Bubba’s funniest fan?  Prove it!


About Ross | TheFaceBaby

I'm the lucky uncle of an incredibly funny little dude ... the FaceBaby!

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