he has a dog…

Say hello to Reese.

You may have met her better half back in June. No, silly goose, she’s not romantically involved. I’m referring to her OTHER better half.

Am I still not being clear? It’s her butt. You may have met her butt back in June. Now you get to meet her face. What a poor explanation …stupid Monday.

But there IS one good thing about it being Monday… FaceBaby said what?!


About Ross | TheFaceBaby

I'm the lucky uncle of an incredibly funny little dude ... the FaceBaby!

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  1. My, what big eyes you have!

  2. Look into my eyes, Reese…..you will go get me a cookie…..you Will go get me a cookie…..you WILL go get me a cookie…..

  3. Come on Reese, let’s see who will be the first to blink…I can stare at you like this for HOURS!

  4. Hey, Mo… Do you think my head will fit in his mouth like a lion tamer dude??!!

  5. “Look at me pup…LOOK at me!… No one sniffs this butt, OK? Got it? If you ruin my silent-but-deadly sneak attacks, you’re KIBBLE.”

  6. what do you mean chocolate labs don’t taste like chocolate?!?!?

  7. “No way, Ruth! They let you walk around naked ALL the time?!”

  8. Is MY face that sweet????

  9. Ok, I get it. I’m just the new guy around here….you’re in charge.

  10. I gotta share my crawling space with this???

  11. “You wanna piece of me?”

  12. “you better be scared!!!”

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