he plays with trucks…

Bob the Builder looks an awful lot like a Tootsie Pop.
And yet, he tastes like chicken.

…go figure.

Anyway – back to the Tootsie Pops … at first I thought Bob’s helmet looked kinda-sorta like the orange one, but kinda-sorta yellow, too. So then I thought, why don’t they make yellow Tootsie Pops? Then came a minor epiphany: Didn’t Mr. Owl have a yellow-ish looking sucker in his “a-one, a-two-hoo, a-three” commercial? …or was it red?

So I Googled it. And I found this. Mystery #1 solved.

Then I noticed that the commercial is older than I am, and I don’t remember there ever being a yellow Tootsie Pop  when I was a kid (or a green one, for that matter).  So then I thought maybe they USED to make a yellow one but it was lemon-flavored instead of banana, so everyone hated it and they discontinued it before I was old enough to hate it for myself.

But then I thought, I haven’t had a Tootsie Pop in awhile, perhaps they came out with new flavors!

So I Googled it. And I found a jackpot of new-looking yellow Tootsie Pops. Then I panicked. What if they DID make a yellow Tootsie Pop, but they ruined it by bringing back lemon instead of the obvious fan-favorite, banana?!

Then I found this. I was thrilled. But then I noticed the most recent news covering banana Tootsie Pops was from 2011. I am no longer thrilled.


FaceBaby said what?!


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I'm the lucky uncle of an incredibly funny little dude ... the FaceBaby!

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