he’s older than he looks…

Can you believe he’s one and one third? He TOTALLY looks like he’s one and one quarter.

Remember how proud you were to turn half-ages when you were a kid? (sometimes even quarters!) … your mama or papa would casually assert that you were six years old and you’d be all, Nuh-uh! I’m six and three-quarters!

I liked that. I’m bringing it back. It’s time to embrace our fractional age levels again, people. I’m 25 and a half (almost). Technically I guess I am 25 and 179 365ths. I can’t even simplify the fraction because 179 doesn’t seem to be divisible by anything. Yep, I just Googled it. It’s a prime number. And now I am ruining the whole thing by turning today’s post into a middle school math lesson. Rounding is hereby acceptable. I’m 25 and a half.

Now that that’s all settled, where the heck were we? … oh right, Bubba’s age. Yes! I’m starting a little something new here in FaceBaby land. You’ve probably never encountered anything like it before. I think I’ll call it Throwback Thursday.

…wait, what do you mean they already do that? Where?! Oh, right … everywhere. Please forgive me, I’m a little slow. Even with my lack of originality, I hope you’ll be more excited about the idea than Bubba was to be swimming last summer…

Uhhhhh … you pulled me out of my warm bed, stripped off my comfy onesie, and dipped me into this cold pool of water for … what was the reason again?

Oh, right! To go swimming. Because THAT was on my to-do list today. Let’s recap:

Sleep, cry, eat, sleep, poop, cry, discover thumb, suck thumb, sleep, cry, eat, pee, cry, snuggle, fuss, smile, yawn, sleep, eat, sleep, poop, sleep.

Just as I thought, no swimming on the agenda.


FaceBaby said what?! … final day!


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I'm the lucky uncle of an incredibly funny little dude ... the FaceBaby!

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