he’s in your face…

No, he’s not in your face because he just won a bet. See … turns out I CAN ride Reese like a horse without getting yelled at or taken to the emergency room. In-your-FACE!

And he’s not all up in your face because you missed a deadline. Story time started 10 minutes ago … and where the heck is my pb&j, FOOL?

He’s not even in your face because he’s your physical superior. Don’t get me wrong, he is … it’s just not why he’s is your face. What does high score mean? “New high score,” is that bad? …what does that mean, did I break it?

He’s in your face because, well, you needed a Friday pick-me-up.

Feel better? In your FACE!

Happy Friday, my friends.


Congrats to this week’s FaceBaby said what?! champ … Courtney!

Bubba officially said:  Did you HAVE to throw those ice cubes in here with me, Mom? Give a guy a break!

Nobody likes to be judged by a cold pool, just ask George Constanza. Reduce your chances of being walked-in on like that by wearing your new imaginary T-shirt at all times. On second thought, you might want to wear it with something else. You know, just to be safe.


And I owe another round of congratulations to our second FaceBaby Mega Champ, Cassie! With 34% of the votes, some well-deserved cottony goodness is headed your way. Go ahead and let that friend borrow your imaginary T-shirt now that you’ve got the real thing. She had better return it, though … along with those heels and that skirt from last spring. On second thought, keep them both for yourself.

About Ross | TheFaceBaby

I'm the lucky uncle of an incredibly funny little dude ... the FaceBaby!

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  1. She shoots, she scores! So excited to win this week, so thanks. 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

  2. All the baby’s above look happy, that’s what being a baby should be all about it’s classic freedom of expression!

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