he’s hunting wabbits…

Actually, he doesn’t see the point in hunting rabbits. They run too fast and zig-zag too much. And they’re way too small. Bubba could eat two rabbits for breakfast and still have room for bacon. Okay you’re right – that’s not a fair comparison. There’s always room for bacon.

But that Elmer Fudd … HE had the right idea. I mean, think about it. Bugs Bunny had to have been like 6 feet tall, right? Now THAT’s a lot of rabbit. Actually, he was 4 feet tall if you include the ears (thank you, Space Jam … you were enjoyably terrible on so many levels, including pre-crazy R. Kelly AND pre-bald Charles Barkley. My bad, Charles Barkley has always been bald, and his head has always been 100% perfectly round). But wait, how tall does that make Elmer? Couldn’t be much over 3 feet. No wonder the poor guy couldn’t catch Bugs. How could he even chase after him while carrying that shotgun? A standard barrel would be about two-thirds his height. I know – I’m getting WAY too overly technical about the accuracy of a cartoon, but come on – that would be like Tyrion Lannister chasing after a direwolf with the Ice Sword … and a speech impediment … and a big goofy hat. Come to think of it, that would still be plenty hilarious.

And while we’re on the subject of big goofy hats…

Be vewy, vewy quiet. Bubba’s hunting wabbits. Not to be confused with wanting habits. He doesn’t smoke and neither should you.


FaceBaby said what?!


About Ross | TheFaceBaby

I'm the lucky uncle of an incredibly funny little dude ... the FaceBaby!

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  1. There is something seriously wrong with you… you are your mother’s and father’s son!!! I LOVE it!!! Especially the wanting habits part… so ‘dad’… with his rindecella and her sugly isters!!!

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