he follows directions…

It’s cool if I sit up here, right?

Something tells me that even if I say no, he’s gonna go right ahead and try out his newfound throne anyway. It makes me wonder what he and other babies would do if we told them no when we really meant yes. Do they have a specific disregard for the word no, or do they just do whatever they feel like doing regardless of who says what? Like I could say, ‘don’t you dare do that!’ … or, ‘peanut butter fart popsicle!’ … and both would have the same impact on his decision.

Peanut butter fart, what?

Yeah … that seems about right.


Congrats to this week’s FaceBaby said what?! champ, April!

Bubba officially said:  I wonder, what exactly IS Elmo??

If Bubba had a smartphone, he’d know that Wikipedia defines Elmo as a furry, red, 3-and-a-half year old monster. By that description, Elmo doesn’t seem to age … so he must also be a vampire. But Bubba doesn’t have a smartphone, so he simply knows Elmo as ticklish. And edible. No wait, he THOUGHT he was edible, but he was wrong. Enjoy your imaginary T-shirt!


About Ross | TheFaceBaby

I'm the lucky uncle of an incredibly funny little dude ... the FaceBaby!

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