he can swing it…

Remember when Bubba got a hair cut a couple of weeks ago?

Yeah … this is why:

If his hair were darker and that gap between his teeth not quite so wide, Bubba would totally be the infant version of Lloyd Christmas here (and if you have a single funny bone in your body, you should know who that is without needing to click the link). Big Gulps, huh?

Oh and that reminds me, I don’t recall seeing a whole lot of Jeff Daniels since … I don’t know … Pleasantville? But his newest show, The Newsroom on HBO, is great. Season 1 ended last month, and I flew through the entire thing OnDemand in less than a week. I want season 2 to start tomorrow, but I guess they need to wait for some more news to happen first.  Come to think of it, what will they do if the real world turns out to be boring over the next few months? I guess there will be some guaranteed action with the election and all, but some big things had better happen so that Will and crew have something to talk about. Not “end of the world” big, though. That would kind of ruin it.

I also think Bubba looks like the human version of Goofy in this pic. Is it weird that I felt the need to point out Bubba being a human in that comparison? Gawrsh!


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I'm the lucky uncle of an incredibly funny little dude ... the FaceBaby!

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