he’s late…

I have been having WAY too much fun this weekend with the FaceBaby. I guess I was being a bit selfish, too, keeping him to myself and all. But really, can you blame me?  You already know how awesome he is, and big sister Mo is a major heart melter herself. Leaving is never fun, and if I can’t be with them, then why should anyone else get to enjoy them?

That’s a silly question, which is why I gave in so quickly. Here he is, good as ever!

FaceBaby said what?!


Pops has a slight lead for that coveted Bubba shirt. The next Mega Champ will be crowned this Friday, keep them votes coming!


About Ross | TheFaceBaby

I'm the lucky uncle of an incredibly funny little dude ... the FaceBaby!

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  1. TIME OUT. We have HOW long until we get home? YOU’RE KIDDING ME. How many episodes of Dora is that?

  2. Why does everyone else get a seat, and I get the crack?

  3. Mo gets to listen to the newest kids bop and I get you people. Really? So not cool dad.

  4. “But… you said it was only a vitamin i gave her…”

  5. “What do you mean I can’t play with your iPhone? Geesh, this is going to be a loooong flight!”

  6. Can I vote? I like Dawn’s answer “But… you said it was only a vitamin I gave her…” He looks so concerned!

  7. What exactly is Gangnam Style?

  8. excuuuse me mama, do you have any grey poupon?

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