Monthly Archives: November 2012

he plays by his own rules…

Oh, you’re back with my bib?  I thought you had left for good.

There’s really no easy way to say this, so, uhh…


I ate’yo chicken nuggets, SUCKAAAA!


he laughs a lot…

No witty captions today, folks.

…just some good old fashioned Throwback Thursday goodness, and a cameo by the one and only cutie pie, Mo.Mua-ha-haaaaa … silent but dead-layyyyy. Take a whiff’a THAT, sis!

Okay one (arguably) witty caption, so what?

he likes bacon…

Yes, I am aware, that was a redundantly ridiculous DUH statement.  This just in:  he likes to breathe. He also likes wearing pants. Wait, nope, that’s just something we make him do. If it were up to him, he’d run around naked with his pants on his head. And now we’re getting off topic. He’d run around naked with his pants on his head, eating bacon. Aaaaand we’re back.

But he doesn’t just like it, he wants to be it.

Hey, look … check it out … twins, right?

he’s got it covered…

Breakfast … check.

Yoga … check.

… impressed yet, or should I throw a load of laundry in while I’m at it?

he’s back on track…

After a long weekend of second helpings of stuffing and pumpkiny indulgences, Bubs isn’t wasting any time getting his super-fit swagger back.

girl, look at that body…

he’s got room…

What could be better than Thanksgiving dinner, you ask?


A week’s supply of stuffing is fine by Bubba.

If your answer was “Black Friday shopping,” you are a crazy, brave (but mostly crazy) person. Good luck out there!

he’s the coolest…

I am thankful that my nephew is out-of-his-mind hilarious, and that I get to connect with him and my family in a special way because of it.  And I’ve finally gotten around to telling you a bit more about me and why this one-year-old has his own website.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh, and Bubba’s starting to think his stackable rings are giant Froot Loops.  Somebody get that bird on the table!