Monthly Archives: January 2013

he doesn’t like that word…

Mama:  say cheese!

Mo:  cheeeeeeeeeeeeese!

Bubba:  cheese?




Happy throwin’ back, everybody!  And happy almost birfday to Bubba’s cutie pie of a sister … the little monkey Mo will be four tomorrow, yikes!  (Yes, Bubs.  There will be cake.)

he’s making progress…


Count ’em.  one-two-three-four-five.


FIVE cheesy slices disappeared down this-right-here pie hole.

Aw, yeahhh.  I got my eye on you, six.

he’s done it again…

Allllll around the mulberry bush,

The monkey chased the weasel.

The monkey stopped to pull up his sock…


[*Jack pops creepily and unexpectedly out of box*]

Oh-my-what-the-crap was THAT?!  

I did NOT think he was gonna fly out of there again.  Man.  Every time, he gets me.  Every. Time.

I feel like Taylor Swift when she wins awards.

Pure, natural, unforced shock and surprise.

Every. Time.

Alright, wind it up again.

he’s innocent…

Uhhhh.  Can you repeat the question?

Oh, that’s right … how did Mo get milk all over her head and on the living room floor.


Ah yes, nowwww I remember.  There I was, sitting by the window all nice and quiet, organizing my trucks like you asked me to, when all of a sudden she takes both of our sippies…

And just starts shaking them on top of her head like this.  Like, some kind of crazy person.  I thought maybe she had just won the World Series or something.  I mean, the girl just went nuts.  But yeah, it was 100% her, totally, all by herself, the whole thing.

Yeah.  Yeah that’s what I saw.  Crazy.

…how did SHE say it happened?


A bit o’ fun news, errrybody!  I finally got around to updating our Face Finder page – so now every picture that we’ve ever posted is available for easy finding and sharing.  It’s like a mini FaceBaby Facebook (puh-puh-puh-lease don’t sue me, Mr. Zuckerberg).

hop on over and take a peek!

he had a long week…



mmmmmmmm … Friday.

he won’t hesitate to slap you…


As in, plural?

Like, more than one chin?


…whyyyyyyyyy I oughtta!


happy #tbt everybody!

he’s bundled up…

I know, this bitter-cold weather is serious stuff.

And I should never go outside unless I have lots and lots of layers on.  

And my hands could freeze off if I’m out there too long.

And I better not even think about leaving the house without a big fuzzy hat covering my ears.

It’s dangerous.  I get it.

But, mama…


I’m JUST opening the door to get the mail.