Monthly Archives: April 2013

he feels the heat…

So, wait.  Lemme get this straight.

We’ve been inside, all bundled up for 5 months…

and THIS is what the sun feels like?!


…where did it go and why couldn’t we find it?!


Welp, Bubs … it went to Southern California, and URP was keeping it all to himself.  Buttttttttt, it’s almost May … so I guess I’ll share now.

he’s a little bit evil…

I’ll GET YOU, my pretty!!!


…what?  …at least I called you pretty!

he’s calling you out…


You didn’t do anything last night?

Like, nothing at all?

…you sure about that?


…’cause IIIIIIIIIIIII’ve got some funky voicemails here that tell me ya did.

he’s comfy…

YOU’RE the one who turned this into a bet, not me.

I told you, flat out, that a duck’s quack echos.  

I mean, how could it not?  …were you expecting magic ducks or something?

“Ohhh, yeahhhh, I’m a duck, so the noises I make are immune to the laws of physics. Yeahhhhh.”

But don’t worry, I’ll keep your bed nice and warm.  Have fun in my crib!


…could you grab the light on your way out?  Thanks.

his mouth’s full…

Ooh!  got a runaway…

Don’t worry, I’ll get it.

Wait, I gotta get it like Reese?


Oh-ayy, I goh ih … buh oww wha oo I oo wih ih??

he likes bugs…


THAT’s Bugs?

Like, THE Bugs?!


…we’re giiiiiiiiiants

he’s not gonna take it…


I close my eyes for ONE SECOND, just to play a fun little game of peek-a-boo with my auntie…

and now there’s a fry, maybe even two, missing from my plate.  

Alright, that’s IT


I’m gonna close my eyes for one more round of peek-a-boo, and if those fries haven’t found their way back onto my plate, we’re gonna have an unpredictable and ongoing problem with hazardous waste, if you know what I’m sayin’.