he was just goofin’…

You thought I was going away?

yyyyyyeah … about that.  I uh, I lied.

But it’s okay!  URP told me I’m allowed to lie on April 1st.

But wait, I think he might’ve said something else, too… 

Whattttttt wasssssss ittttttttt?  Oh, right!


You’re a’posta say, “APRIL FOOOOOOOOLS!”


Sorry for yanking y’all’s chains yesterday … I swear it was Bubba’s idea.

Either way, don’t you worry — the kid’s got PLENTY left in the tank.  In fact, his faces are getting even more ridiculously ridiculous by the day.  Yes, I own a thesaurus.  Still, ridiculousness it is.  So if yesterday’s shenanigans caused you to unbookmark us, buckle back up for a bunch more Bubba!


About Ross | TheFaceBaby

I'm the lucky uncle of an incredibly funny little dude ... the FaceBaby!

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  1. I am SO happy it was a prank. I really love seeing the little guys “faces” and can hardly wait to see what happens when those new little sisters make their appearance! When my twin boys were born, their older sister was 19 months old. The older one came home with me, but the “baby” had to stay a few extra days. She got used to the first one, and then, all of a sudden, mommy brought ANOTHER one home!!! She took one look at him, and his brother, and then sloooowly backed away…lol. And you know, she never once got them mixed up. Something that their father never could do!

    No more goofs! Linda

    • Hahaha! I can’t wait to see Bubba’s reaction now. I’m sure his face will be, well… priceless! Sorry to have put you through a bit of a scare, Bubba won’t be pretending to leave any more 🙂

  2. wow….should have known it was April Fool’s Day!!!!! So glad you are not going anywhere!!!!! xoxo

  3. I’m glad it was a prank too! I didn’t even think that it could be and was sad that there would be no more faces. But, yay, FaceBaby is staying!

  4. Your momma should slap you for putting us through that… But I do have to say… GOOD ONE!! Lol

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