Monthly Archives: April 2013

he’s a great catch…

I said I was hungry.

You said I needed to go grab my sister.

Welp, I grabbed her…


…now what?


he’s cool…

Don’t pass it to me, don’t pass it to me, don’t pass it to me, don’t pass it to me…

Looks like it hurts, ouch, ouch, ouch … don’t pass it to meeeeeeee…



Heh-heyyyyy!  This potato isn’t hot!

he doesn’t follow…

Woah, hold up, let me get this straight…

You smack your foot against the coffee table and yell “AWWWW, Boo sit!” … so I run in and sit on Boo, even though I was CLEARLY in the middle of a chocolate-chip pancake feast … and then you YELL AT ME for sitting on Boo?!


…make up your mind, bro!

he likes juice…

All I asked you to do was grab me a juice box.

I didn’t ask you to make me a sandwich, or fix us a bunch of different snacks…

I didn’t even ask you to pour me a bowl of cereal.

I simply asked for a cold, refreshing, already-sitting-in-the-fridge-and-ready-to-drink juice box while I get my play on with Reese.

And did I get one?



he dealt it…

Do you smell that?

It’s, well … it’s stinkin’ AWFUL, that’s what it is.

Ghaaa!  It’s stinging my nostrils … where is it coming from?

Wait aaaa…


…did THAT come outta ME?!

he hasn’t seen a thing…

… Joey’s cake?

…the chocolate one, with vanilla frosting?

…the one that you left right here on this table?

…the one you were saving until AFTER dinner, as a surprise?


…uhhhhh, no, I … uhh … I haven’t seen any cakes in here.  Did you check the fridge?

he’s baffled…

Hey!  Look…

That monkey is singing to that bear!


…you don’t seem impressed.  Do monkeys normally sing to bears?!?


Happy Throwback Thursday, y’all!