Monthly Archives: July 2013

he’ll take a ride…

Alright, mama … I’m ready.


… put another quarter in!

he’s still outnumbered…

They all warned me before, but it didn’t really sink in ’til now.



Reesie girl.

And now RoCo…


It’s, like … me and papa against the world.

We’re definitely gonna need another bathroom.  And we will never have enough chocolate.

Like, ever.

he needs a minute…

Alright, ready?  Bring it in here, let’s do this.



Three, aaaaaannnnnnd…



Waitwaitwait — don’t take that … my tan hasn’t set in yet!!

Oh gawd, you better not even THINK about putting that on Facebook.  

he’s not always nice…

Yeah, Mo … you can totally climb up there. Easy peasy. A walk in the park.

And don’t worry — I’ve got your back just in case.  Go for it!


… heyyyyy, uhhhhhhh … your “back” is a bit, umm, bigger than I remember.

Yeah. Youuuuuu might wanna hold off on those extra helpings of ice cream, there, lady.


Come on!  It’s funny because it’s not even remotely close to being true.  She is SUCH a little chicken wing.

In fact, we’re pretty sure she doesn’t even have a “back.”

And by “back” I mean butt.

…butt you already knew that, right? (see what I did there?)

PS Bubba totally has a bigger “back” than Mo anyway.

Yep, still talking about butts here.

he’s jealous…

So this little George dude’s been around for what, three days…


… and he’s already more popular than ME?!

His face, like, doesn’t even move yet.  There must be something else to it.  

Maybe it’s the whole “prince” thing?  

… I don’t get it.

he’s taking a swing…

Woah, now … let me get this straight.

You got me this stick…

…and I’m SUPPOSED to hit stuff with it?

Like, that’s WHY you got it for me.

…to hit stuff with it?


Best. present. EVERRRRRR!

he’s in love…

What we think he’s thinking:

I love you, baby sister, and I’m gonna take such great care of you.  

You and your twin sister are safe here with me.  Love youuuuuuuuuu.


What he’s really thinking:

You will like sports.  You will like sports.  You will like sports.  You will like sports.


Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like for you to meet the latter half of RoCo.  This is Bubba with Baby B, aka Ro … and Baby A (Co) will be making her FaceBaby debut soon!  I know what you’re thinking, if Baby B is Ro, then why does she get first-syllable rights in the nickname?  Shouldn’t they be called CoRo?

No.  No they should not.  Why, you ask?  Because that just sounds silly, that’s why!