Monthly Archives: September 2013

he broke it…

I don’t know a whole lot.

But one thing seems to be true every time.

If you think you can get the best of Walter White …


… you’ve got another thing comin’, man.

Oh.  And you’re probably going to die.

Because that dude’s crazy.

he’s up-to-date…

Gah. Thursdays can be rough.

I mean, I get SO excited about inevitable weekend shenanigans …

But still gotta work that grind for two whole days before it gets here.

And to top it off, today at noon I hafta … waiiiit a second …


… that says Friday ... my schedule says it’s Friday … it’s FRIIIIDAYYYYYY!!!

… did somebody say shenanigans?

he’s ticklish…

hehehehe — Mama!

hahahaha — make my invisible friend stop!

hohohoho — he keeps tickling me … all this laughing is giving me a belly ache!

hahahaha — whaddaya mean you can’t find him? 

hehehehe — he’s right here in front of me!


… hahahaha — it hurts! — hehehehe — get him, please! — hohohoho — make it stop!

he’s a bad guesser…

Well now, let’s see.

I’m two … and I’ve been around for like, ever.

So that would make mama what — seven, maybe?

Which means GG is like, WAY old.  Like, eleven and a half probably.

So then Mammie has to be … I dunno … seventeen?

No, wait. I’m gonna go with my gut and guess eighteen.



… is that even a real number?

Or is this like the time when you said there were eleventy jillion gumballs in the machine?


Happiest 90th birfday wishes to Bubba’s great-grandma today!

he’s raking it in…

April 1, 2013 – baseball season begins…

BubbaI’ll bet you a chicken nugget that the Pirates make the playoffs!

Papa: They haven’t made the playoffs since I was 10 … I’ll bet you all the chicken nuggets you can eat, kid. And heck … throw some unlimited ice cream in there, too.

September 23, 2013 – Pirates make the playoffs…



Papa checks Craigslist, needs a second job.

he lost his train…

We need to make sure we do that um, uhh …

Where was I going with that again?

Oh wait, yeah … did you hear about that one group that has the uh, ummm …

Man … lost that one too.

Uhhhhhhhh, wait …


… is this decaf?  Does mama not KNOW that it’s Monday?

MA! … more coffee! … regular this time! … with sugar! … and I NEED PANCAKES!

he busted a move…

Man, this wedding sure is fun!

Oh, yeah? … this is your jam? I don’t think I’ve ever heard it.

Sounds catchy, let’s dance!

… you like big what’s that now?

I don’t get it … she got back what? … what did she get back?


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-have-mercy … baby got BACK … heck yeah she does!