Monthly Archives: November 2013

he’s out (again)…

zzzzzzz …

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz …


… after yesterday, this could take a while.  Bubba’s thankful for sleeping in.

Happy shopping, crazies!

he’s empty…

Ninety-seven … ninety-eight … ninety-nine … a million!

What’s that?  Dinner’s almost ready?

Alright … lemme just get one more set in first.

One … two … three …


… ain’t no 30-minute gobblefest gonna get in the way’a THIS chiseled body.

he’s good to go…

Alllllll the pictures have been colored.

Alllllll the toys have been played with.

Alllllll the sisters have been thoroughly bugged and bothered.

Even alllllll the hair has been combed nicely.  Kinda sorta.

Guess there’s nothing left to do but wait.


… turrrrrrkeyturkeyturkeyturkeyturkeyturkey.

… with stuuuuuuffingstuffingstuffingstuffingstuffing.

… and piiiiiiiiiesandcookiespiesandcookiespiesandcookies.

… how much longer again?

he’s got that right…

I don’t claim to be an expert on much.

Okay … I’ve got this whole making-amazing-facial-expressions thing down pat.

But other than that, I’m a pretty simple dude.

There is one thing I’m sure of, though.

Come Thursday, I know where alllllll the food is s’posta go.

Every last item, in its proper place …


… aw, yeahhhh … right here, BABAY!!

he’s experimenting…

Welp, I’ve got good news, and I’ve got bad news.

The good news: I made the most amazing dessert for Thursday.

The bad news: I got pumpkiny-chocolatey stuff everywhere.

No, for real … like, everywhere.

I think there’s even some on the ceiling.  And a little might’a got in my bed, too.

Oh, and also the bad news is I ate all the dessert.  

But here, I saved you a taste …


… c’mon!  It’s either this, or the stuff on the ceiling!

he’s missing something…

I don’t get it.

I really don’t.

How’s come when babies are born and they don’t have any teeth yet …

they look all cute and snuggly and happy and fun …

But then when people get old and they don’t have any teeth left …


… dey look all shcary and cweepy and angwy like dish?!

he made a funny…


Look at my shirt.

… did you read it?

Well, guess what!

I did that.  Like, two seconds ago.  But not with a horn!


… a-ha-haaaaaaa!  Get it?

… it was my butt.  I tooted with my butt.