Monthly Archives: December 2013

he’s waiting…

Hey, what time is it?

Ohhhhhhh.  I didn’t realize that “5 minutes after the last time I asked” was an official time of day, smarty pants.

Lemme rephrase that …

How long til I get to bang on pots and pans and scream my face off?


… MIDNIGHT??!  That sounds forever away.  How ’bout we practice now?

he’s snug…

Hey now.

When I said I wanted a blanket pet …

this isn’t exactly what I had in mind.


… but then again, I think I like her better!

he did it…

He made a big list.

He checked it through twice.

And the dude STILL decided that I was nice.

So now I own every toy — in town!


… mua-ha-haaaaaaa.

he’s offended…

Oh how I LOVE opening Christmas presents!

The fresh, festive paper …

The pulled-tight ribbons and big ol’ bows …

The mystery of what’s tucked inside …

The energetic feel of that first peel …

Alright, I CAN’T WAIT to see what it is … here ‘goes!


HEY!  Exactly who you callin’ “Little People”?!

he loves you…


Hey, you.

Yeah, you … the one on the other side of the screen.

No, for real … YOU.


Merry Christmas!

he simply can’t wait…

Well, whatta we have here?

A gift … already?

Mama probably wouldn’t want me to open it …

But I’M thinkin’ Santa must’a come early.  Just for me.

I mean … I HAVE been quite the stud lately.

So yeah, maybe we’ll just take a tiny peek and then put it right back.

No one will even notice …


… oh.  Hey there, Mama.

I’m just, uhhhhhhh … doing some … pre-Christmas quality control?

Yeah!  These giant Legos are now officially certified as safe for me to play with.  

I’ll have my people send an invoice.  Carry on.

He sees the finish line…

Yep, I ate all my lunch.

Even the veggies.

… even the GREEN ones.

What can I say … just doing everything I can to keep on that big-creepy-guy-in-the-red-suit’s good side.

Shay what now?

Whattaya meam it shounds like I’m hiding shomeshing?


… alright fine.  I didn’t actually SWALLOW all of the green stuff.

But I dunno, man.  You call it storing in cheeks.  I call it eating.  

Whattaya say we ask a squirrel to break the tie?  That’s what I thought.  I win.