Monthly Archives: January 2014

he has plans…

So Mo’s about to turn 5, huh?

Man … it seems like just yesterday she was 2 and I was a brand-newbie.

Yep, life was much simpler then.

But now she’s, like … all OLD and stuff.

Seriously … five!  I can’t even begin to imagine being that old.


… it’s like, THIS many.  I’m runnin’ outta fingers here!

he’s getting ready…

I know, I know … the Super Bowl isn’t for few more days.

But there are SO many snacks to be had, I simply need to start prepping now.

The good thing is I’m the designated taste-tester.  Best. job. ever.

The trick, though, is making sure I don’t blow my New Years diet.  

I’ve made it SO far … so I set up a fool-proof numbers system to stay on track …


… ooooone … yep, I can only taste one calorie in this dip.  Diet-approved!

he’s red…

Didja watch the State of the Union last night?

Man, let me tell ya …

those old people sure can clap!

But do you know what I really don’t agree with about the President’s plans? …


Dude … I don’t follow politics … I’m two.  I watched Bubble Guppies and fell asleep.

But hey, check it out … there’s a bird on my head.  Wanna pet him?

he’s moving on up…

You guys … come look!

I never believed anyone that I needed to eat my veggies before.

I guess growing up to be big and strong simply seemed inevitable.

But the brussels sprouts actually looked kinda yummy last night, so I ate one.

And then, when I woke up …


… well, look at me … I’m stinkin’ huge!

Today, I might just try some guacamole.  Or spinach.  All in the name of Giant Bubba.

he’s literal…

So, I caught most of the Grammys last night.

Is it just me, or did they name that show COMPLETELY wrong?

I watched and I watched and I watched …


… but where were all the ladies with the toys, juice boxes, and snacks?

Did I miss something?

he tries so hard…

I am so incredibly happy that it is Friday, aren’t you?

It is awesome.  It makes me smile so big.



… what’s that?  They’re not buying it?


… lacks sincerity?!

Dang.  I really thought I was selling it.  Lemme try again …


YAYYYYYY it’s Fridayyyyyyy best day EVERRRRR woooooooo!

Alright, my face hurts … didja get what you needed?  Good.

he has both…

I didn’t quite catch that … what’d you say you wanted?

… a burger?

I, uhh, sorry … could you repeat that again?

I really wanna help you out, man … but you gotta speak up.

Alright, here.  I can’t figure out exactly what you’re asking for …


… so I went ahead and got you some’a both.  Sound good?