Monthly Archives: February 2014

he’s foreign…

Excuse my French, but …

Comment DIABLE est-il plus de neige là-haut?

Wait … I don’t speak French … that was weird.

But what I meant to say, was…


… how the HECK is there still more snow up there?!

he’s stuck…

SO, so cold out there.  But SO, so sick of being in here.

I’ve built with blocks.

I’ve watched cartoons.

I’ve eaten.

I’ve slept.

I’ve colored.

I’ve bugged my sisters.

I’ve done it all.  Like, a billion and one times.

And thanks to the Olympics, there’re no good sports on TV.


… hockey’s back?!  Okay, today’s not so bad.

he’s a laugh-riot…


… who’s there?


… cash who?

No thanks, but I’ll take some almonds instead!


… a-haaaaaaa!  Just playing … I’ll take your cashews.  All of them.

he’s been hit…

All this extreme Lego-buildin’ has got. me. parched!

I could really go for a juice box right now … but you know what?

I could REAAALLY go for a soda.  Or a pop.  Or a whatever you feel like calling it.

I’ve never had one before … but I think I want a Sprite.  Can you toss me one?

Hmm … lemon AND lime … better mix it up real good, just to be sure.


… really? … no warning?  … no “wait, don’t mix that up!”?

… no “that’s gonna explode in your face!”? 

Thanks.  I ‘preciate it.

he’s the boss…

Ooh, yeah … this classic Elton is my jam!

And here … here it comes … my favorite part:

     When I say softly … slow-lyyyy …

     Hold me closer, Tony Daaanzaaaa … count the headlights on the highwayyyy …

     Lay me down on sheets’a–   why are you laughing?

… what’re you talkin’ about a “tiny dancer”?!  Who’s a tiny dancer?


… you need to LISS-EN, man.  He clearly says “Tony Danza.”

he’s confident…

So, we’ve got Canada in the semis, eh?

They’re always saying that … “eh.”

But not it a cool way.  Just in a randomly confused way.  Like, “EH?” … “EH?”


… I guess no one taught ’em aboot the COOL way to say “eh.”

You know, like mister Arthur Fonzarelli …


… ayyyyyyy!  Go USAyyyyyyy!

he’s holding it…

I know, you want me to smile … but I’m gonna need a minute here.

No, I’m not making a goofy face on purpose.

Yes, I know the sooner I smile the sooner I can get outta here.

And yes, I want a cookie when I’m done.  And I wanna play with my toys.

But you’re just. not. getting it …


… papa made a MAJOR stinky over here.  I’ll smile as soon I can breathe again.