Monthly Archives: February 2014

he’s a coot…

Uh, my cup wasn’t facing this way a minute ago.

… did someone take a drink from my cup?

I won’t be mad, just tell me … did someone drink some of my juice?

Was it you, papa?  ‘Cause if it was you, then it’s okay … we’re cool.

But it wasn’t you, was it?  

I bet it was Mo.  Yeah, it had to have been Mo.  It was Mo.


… I’m gonna need a few more wipes.  We’ve got ALL KINDS’a cooties on our hands here.

he’s presidential…



Presidents’ Day!  


‘MURICA … that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!

Let’s go!


… what?  Did I miss it?!

he’s available…

This may come as a bit of a surprise, but …

I am not yet taken as a Valentine.

Ladies … I repeat … I am NOT yet taken as a Valentine.


… hey girl heyyyyyyyy!

Oh, and my love can totally be bought with chocolate.  

Or cookies.

Wait … AND cookies.  

Or bacon.  

Nope, wait … AND bacon.  

Yeah.  Bring chocolate, cookies, and bacon … and my heart is yours.

he’s rosy…

I get it.

It’s time for hearts, and love, and flowers, and red.

… but pink?

Do we REALLY need to do all the pink?


… hmm, turns out I do pink pretty well.  Bring it! 

he’s revealing…

Do you like seafood?

Are you SURE you like seafood?

Do you wanna seafood now?

Alright, as you wish …


… seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

he knows what to do…

Hmmmm …

Having lots of gold means you’re rich, right?

Sooooooo, if I get more gold medals … I can buy more candy?  Woohoo!

Let’s see … gold gold gold, how to get the gold …



… know any good pirates?

he’s working on it…

Hurry hurry hurryyyyyyy, you got this.

Here we go, keep it going.

Still within the lines … almost there.

Gonna be a photo finish, aaaaaaand …



… Gold medal.  Speed coloring.  And I haven’t even had my Lucky Charms yet.

Yeah I know, I’m sponsored by Wheaties … but those things are gross.