Monthly Archives: March 2014

he memes on mondays…


he wants yours…

I’m SO glad I ordered the mac and cheese.

I got the mac and cheese last time, and it was so-super yummy.

Such a smart decision to get it again.  I can’t wait for our food to come out!

Mmm-mmm-mmm … should be coming out soon!

Here it comes!  

Waiiiiiit a minute …


… are those … chicken fingers?!  

Mannnn, should’a got the chicken fingers.

he sees it brewing…

Yeahhh, you prob-a-ly shouldn’t take that.

No, really.  That’s papa’s last cookie.  He called it.

I know you’re the mama, but REALLY.  He called it.

And he said if anyone touched it, they was “gonna get it.”

And you know how he is with his cookies.  ALL KINDS’a cray-cray.

You’re- … are you sure you wanna- … you’re totally gonna do it still, aren’t you?


… who needs TV?!  We’re ’bout to have some LIVE drama up in here!

he works hard…

ay – bee – cee – dee –

eee – eff – geeee.

aitch – eye – jay – kay –


kyoo – are – ess, tee – yoo – vee –

dubba-yoo – ecks – why – and – zeeee.

now i know my ay-bee-cees …


… whew, man.  All this being-a-genius stuff has got. me. whooped.  Time for a nap!

Oh, and next time maybe you should sing with me?  Even though I think you already did…

he wants a refund…


Alright – that was definitely a winner.

… whattaya mean we didn’t get it?!

Who messed it up?  Did YOU mess it up?


I said “say cheese!”  …not “stick your tongue out and blink.”

Do you even speak English?  … gosh!

Alright, one more try … 


… yeahhhh, I’m pretty sure this one’s broken.  Can I get another?

he memes on mondays…

Yep, this is new.

Yep, this is awesome.

Yep, I seem to be saying “yep” too much.

But yeah … FaceBaby Mondays are now Meme Mondays.

Not to be confused with mimes.  Or me-mes.  These are meeeeeeems.

I don’t really know what they are, but you’re welcome.


Enjoy … share … repeat!

he’s on his way…

Say what now?

… Dayton beat Ohio State?

… and Harvard beat Cincinnati?

… AND North Dakota State beat Oklahoma?!


… can I buy Lucky Charms with my billion dollars?

Like, ALL of the Lucky Charms?