about Bubba

His stare is devastatingly relentless.  His giggling smile is hopelessly infectious.  His charm is… wait, what was I saying?  I got lost in those big baby blues… AGAIN.

Oh, right – his charm… it’s ridiculously addicting.  He’s an old man trapped in baby’s body, and he’s here to brighten your day.  He is the FaceBaby, and as he would put it, “Aaaaaaa-ba-ba-ba-ba… uh? ya? eeeeee-ya-ya-ya-ya!”

…did I forget to mention he’s not a big talker?  Well, he HAS mastered “Mama” and “Dada,” … and quacking like a duck … but he wasn’t quite ready to make a formal statement when I wrote this page.

Known affectionately by his family and friends as “Bubba,” the FaceBaby has been slinging outrageous expressions since May 2011.  He makes me laugh… every. stinkin’. day.  I hope you’ll experience similar results.  In fact, I guarantee it.


Indulge in some FaceBaby tidbits.

  1. Love your post today, keep them coming

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