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he memes on mondays…


he anticipates…

One week?

Seven super-short days?

A brief 168 hours?

A mere 10,080 minutes?

And then …


… I’m too scared to even say it!

Hallllllllllllogen lightbulbs.  Almost had it.  Maybe next time.

he’s illusory…

A little to the left…

Wait.  I think I need a little more….

Annnnnnnd there.  How ’bout now?


…really??!  I said I wanna LOOK like I’m eating her foot — not actually eat it!

he delays…

Umm, nope.  I don’t gotta go.

Really, I don’t.

What gave you that idea, anyway?


…you call THIS “squirming”??  Pshhh.

I could hold it for AT LEAST another 15.  Maybe 20.  Is it time for cake yet?

he forgot about it…

…the candy?

Nope, haven’t seen it.

…what does a lion say?

Well, that’s an interesting follow-up question.

I suppose it depends on whom the lion is talking to.

But, the most plausible answer is RAWWWWWWWR!


… oh, you mean THIS candy??

I told you I haven’t seen it.  But, yeah — I ate it.

he memes on mondays…


he’s directional…

Where the heck is it?

I feel like it should be here by now.

I’ve looked high and low and then high again … nothin’.


Waiiiiiiit a second.  I think I sense … yep!