FaceBaby tidbits

I hope our little expression ninja brings a smile to your face and a giggle to your belly every single day. Get to know the Bubba behind TheFaceBaby with these fun facts:

  • Bubba is a Taurus, just like his godfather. And if he ends up following in godfather’s footsteps, we had better pack away the good China until he moves out.
  • When Bubba gets really excited – the sound he makes is like that of a llama crossed with a woodpecker, with just a hint of jackhammer in the rumbling echo. You can’t be 100% sure he likes you until he has made this sound in your presence.
  • Bubba’s favorite color is green. Actually, he hasn’t told me his favorite color yet, but that’s my best guess at this point. And by best guess, I mean that’s MY favorite color so I just went with it …what exactly does “fact” mean again?
  • Bubba’s favorite food is a hands-down classic: Β PB&J. This one’s not a guess… he does, in fact, devour them incessantly. But remember, choosy moms choose JIF. He WILL notice if you try to feed him Skippy, or some other fake variety of peanut butter, and he will throw it on the ground.
  • Bubba likes to throw things on the ground. Toys, food, his sippy – just about anything he can get his hands on. Sometimes I wonder if he’s just playing fetch with the closest person to him. People ALWAYS pick it up and give it back to him 3 or 4 times before giving up in frustration. Yeah, he has us trained pretty well.
  • Bubba is an incredibly pleasant baby, but every now and then, when something seemingly insignificant goes wrong (e.g. he’s still hungry, but he finished his last bite of pizza 30 seconds ago) he cries at an octave you wouldn’t believe if you hadn’t heard it for yourself. The underlying squeal equates to a boiling teapot, but he adds piercing shrieks and great big crocodile tears to the point where you’re likely to confuse him with a teenage girl at a Justin Beiber concert.
  • Bubba has a big sister, who I’ll often refer to as “Mo” in my posts. She is the coolest 3-year-old in existence today. I’ve done plenty of research, so don’t bother refuting it. Oh, and she’s adorable, too.
  • Bubba has another big sister, and her name is Reese. She is also a beautiful girl, but she has 4 legs and a lot more hair than is socially acceptable. Don’t tell her, but we think she’s adopted.

Check back for fresh tidbits as Bubba grows and develops new interests!

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