he’s muffled…

You’re going where?

Dude, Buzz … I can’t hear you. 

Can you talk any louder?  It sounds like you’re in a bubble or something.

… you’re walking into Bed Bath and Beyond?

You seriously called just to tell me THAT?


Oh!  You’re in the vicinity of a blonde?  So what?

I really can’t hear you, man.

… the alkalinity of a pond?  Okay…


… either Buzz Lightyear is drunk, or I need to switch imaginary cellphone providers.


he caves…

No, thanks.

Nope, not even a little bit, thank you.

I appreciate it, but I’m not doing dessert for a while.

No, not a diet … just, you know … proving to myself that I can do without if I want to.

Did you say, “pumpkin-pie cheesecake”?  Like, a pie AND a cake?  In one?


… ahhh one little bite won’t hurt!  Bring on that piecake!!

he’s easily impressed…

Wow, that’s a pretty cool toy!

Check it out, it has little cars and trains and everything…

Can we take it out and play with it now?

Yes, I know it doesn’t come with the WAIT — does that say…


… batteries are INCLUDED?!!

he memes on mondays…


he didn’t see it coming…

Oh, yeah?

It’s hockey season now?

Like, it started already?

But …


… I’m still not wearing any sleeves.

he’s pronounced…

Here’s where we hang our jackets …

This is my hook …

And that’s a cappatilla!


… umm, a caterpillar?

That’s right!  A cappatilla!

he’s technological…

Caaaaaaan you hear me now?

… you can what?


… I see you too!