about me

Hi there, FaceBaby friend!

My name is Ross, and I am an uncle-aholic.  No, seriously.  I am.  It might be sort-of-but-not-really-but-I’ll-pretend-it-is-anyway cute right now, but in a few short years I’ll be that embarrassing guy that no grade schooler wants to be seen with, starting the wave at a quasi-competitive community baseball game.  Yeah, I’m [sniff, tear] totally fine with that.

Based on my aforementioned addiction, you might think Bubba and big sister Mo were my own children.  And back when I lived only 3 minutes away from them, it kind of seemed that way (to me, at least).  It’s not like I’ve ever told anyone that they were mine, although I didn’t exactly make a habit of correcting those who assumed it, either.  Alright fine, here’goes:  I’m not their Papa, I’m just their crazy Uncle Ross.  Or as they like to call me, URP (for Uncle Ross Patrick, duh!)  Sometimes they act like little grownups and just call me RP.  Other times it’s, “hey you, with the face:  get me more juice.”  I take what I can get.

I moved across the country a year ago, and as my fellow aunt- and uncle-aholics can attest, I NEEDED to get my standard fix of chubby cheeks and so-cute-it-isn’t-even-fair adorableness.  Emails and iChats got me through the first few months, and then something magical happened.  Right in front of my eyes, my little lumpster of a nephew mutated into The FaceBaby.  Mo might be a total heartbreaker, but Bubba is an all-natural belly shaker.

All of his pictures, even as a 6-month-old, made me laugh … and not just those courtesy giggles that you politely force out for friends whose babies are super cute but all of their (millions of) pictures kinda look the same … these were where the heck did this kid come from? belly laughs … so I started collecting them in a folder to serve as rainy-day pick-me-ups.  My stockpile of ridiculousness quickly overflowed, and Bubba made a few cameo appearances on Mama’s best friend’s super-amazing-super-funny-she’s-famous-and-I-know-her blog, How Sweet It Is.  While I was perfectly content with keeping my greedy stash of baby giggles all to myself, Jess’ faithful imaginary friends made it painfully obvious that this child needed to be shared with the rest of the world.  Enter TheFaceBaby blog.

We’re bestest buddies through the phone and computer (the dude tries to climb into the screen every time. It never gets old), but sharing Bubba’s photos on a daily basis makes 3,000 miles seem not so far away.  I hope you’ll make TheFaceBaby blog your start-of-the-day giggle source, even if it does cause you to think I’m a crazy person.  I am, and somehow Bubba already found out, so I’m totally okay with it.

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