Monthly Archives: July 2014

he has a point…

I know, you think I should clean up my toys BEFORE I get some juice.

But, here’s how I see it …

I’m gonna get those toys back out and go completely nuts after I drink the juice anyway.

Sooooooo …


… how ’bout I get some’a that juice NOW … and then I’ll clean up my toys later.  Cool?

he’s got swagger…

No no no, Mo.  You’re doing it all wrong.

Okay, fine — you’ve got the cute-and-innocent look down pat.  I’ll give you that.

But that’s not what these people want.

They want fierce.

They want ferocious…


… they want ATTITUDE.

Give ’em what they want, Mo.

he needs clarification…

Alright, we’ve got plenty’a snap.

And that crackle is coming in loud. and. clear.

But … where the heck is the pop?!

Has ANYONE heard any pop?

Umm …


… I don’t think “pop” is s’posta have that many o’s.  What kinda cereal IS this?

he memes on mondays…


he wishes big…

It is SO stinkin’ hot out here.

I mean … that sun … whoo!

I really wish I had a pool.  

Or at least something else that could cool me off.


…  really?  Well in that case, I also wish I had a helicopter.

Or at least a gigantic burrito.  With extra guacamole.  And a side of a gallon of ice cream.

he’s looking…

I’ve gotta hand it to you.

This is some of the best darn basketti I’ve ever played with.

But, um …


… seriously.  Where’re the meatballs?

he’s in…

Whoever’s ready to go swimming say “I!”


Whoever’s ready for a snack say “I!”


Whoever’s ready for a nap say “I!”

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiwaiiiiiiit a second …


… iiiiiiii am not!  Yeah, that’s what I was saying.  I am not ready for a nap.

And yeah, maybe I have a s-s-slight stutter.  iiiiiiis that a problem?  Bully!