Monthly Archives: April 2014

he takes his time…

Yep, I know it’s past my bedtime.

But you said I could have a bowl of fruity cheerios before I went upstairs.

And yeah, you said I could only have a small bowl.  That was smart of you.

You did not, however …


… say how FAST I had to eat that small bowl.  

Slow eating is good for digestion — haven’t you heard?

And yeah, judging by the 4 Cheerios I’ve got left in my bowl – we’re looking at one more episode of How I Met Your Mother before bedtime.

Maybe two with the milk.

he’s descriptive…

Mama!  I can’t sleep … I saw a munster!

No, for real.  It was a big, scary munster … and he’s gonna GET me!

Nuh-uh!  I’m not imagining things … he’s real, and he’s in my room!

… what’d he look like?  Ummmmmmm …


like THIS!

he memes on mondays…


he’s unwinding…

It’s been a longgg week, man.

So yeah, how should we kick off the weekend?

Hmm … I know I’ve seen a solid solution before …

Oh, that’s it!

YO.  Bartender …


… make it a double.  

I have no idea what that means, but apparently it works.

he jumped the gun…

Simon sayyyyyyys, touch your nose!

Simon sayyyyyyys, clap your hands!

Simon sayyyyyyys, jump up and down!

Talk like a monkey!


… oooh-oooh-oooh-AHH-AHH-crap.  I lost, didn’t I?  She’s good.

he wants it…


The Nerf NStrike Elite HailFire Blaster Sonic Ice Serieeeeeees.

It’s even more glorious than I imagined.

And it’s about to be alllllll mine.

Wait – is that the last one?!


… um, yeah — if you think you’re walking away with that, you’re crazy.

Don’t make me get all Bruce Lee on you, now.  Thaaat’s it, hand it over.  Good boy.

he read the box…

Hey — wanna see somethin’ cool?

Like, REALLY  cool?

No, like, REALLY-REALLY cool?

Alright, ready?


Wait for iiiiiiit …



… aaaaaaare the Lucky Charms floating into my mouth yet?  

No?  “Magically delicious” my butt!